BTS From 6th mini album "MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA" (2019)
Name 방탄소년단Bangtan Sonyeondan; BTS
Debut Jun 13, 2013
Representative Songs "Fake Love"  "DNA"  "IDOL"
Label Big Hit Entertainment
Fan Club ARMY
Official Channel Website(KR)
Jin Suga J-Hope
Main Dancer
RM Jimin V
Leader/Main RapperMain Dancer
Main Vocal


BTS is 7-member male group debuted in 2013. The group currently have a most successful career from K-POP artists in the global pop scene.

1. History

⋅appeared on Jo, Kwon's "I'm da one" music video. (Jin, SUGA, J-Hope, V, Jungkook)

⋅released their debut single "2 COOL 4 SKOOL" with song "No More Dream". (Jun 12)1   MV
⋅released 1st mini album "O!RUL8,2?" including title song "N.O". Title of the album means 'Oh! Are you late, too?'. (Sep 11)2   MV

⋅released 2nd mini album "SKOOL LUV AFFAIR" including title song "Boy In Luv". (Feb 12)3   MV
⋅appeared in the show "Beatles Code"(Apr 1) and "Weekly idol"(Apr 30).
⋅released repackage of 2nd mini album "SKOOL LUV AFFAIR Special Edition" including title song "Miss Right". (May 14)
⋅In Japan, released 1st single "NO MORE DREAM". (Jun 4)
⋅In Japan, released single "Boy In Luv". (Jul 16)
⋅released 1st full album "DARK&WILD" including title song "Danger". (Aug 20)4   MV
⋅held first concert "The Red Bullet". (Oct 17, 2014 ~ Aug 29, 2015)   Clip
⋅In Japan, released single "DANGER". (Nov 19)
⋅In Japan, released full album "WAKE UP". (Dec 24)

⋅released 3rd mini album "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.1" including title song "I NEED U". This album became the first step of a mainstream breakthrough. (Apr 29)5   MV
⋅In Japan, released "FOR YOU" - the first original japanese single. (Jun 17)   MV
⋅released 4rd mini album "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life pt.2" including title song "RUN". (Nov 30)6   MV
⋅In Japan, released single "I NEED U". (Dec 8)
⋅appeared in the show "Weekly idol". (Dec 16)

⋅In Japan, released single "RUN". (Mar 15)
⋅released repackage of mini album "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever" including title song "FIRE". (May 2)7   MV
⋅held live tour "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On stage: Epilogue". (May 7 ~ Aug 14)   Clip
⋅In Japan, released full album "YOUTH". (Sep 7)
⋅released 2nd full album "WINGS" including title song "Blood Sweat&Tears". (Oct 10)8   MV

⋅In Japan, released compilation albums "THE BEST OF BTS -KOREA EDITION-" and "THE BEST OF BTS -JAPAN EDITION-". (Jan 6)
⋅released repackage of full album "YOU NEVER WALK ALONE" including title song "Spring Day". (Feb 13)9   MV
⋅held live tour "The Wings". (Feb 18 ~ Dec 10)10   Clip
⋅appeared in the show "양남자쇼"(Feb 23) and "아이돌잔치"(Mar 7).
⋅In Japan, released single "Chi, Ase, Namida" - japanese remade of "Blood Sweat&Tears". (May 10)
⋅won Top Social Artist Award at the 2017 Billboard Music Awards. (May 21)   Behind
⋅released 5th mini album "Love Yourself: Her" including title song "DNA". (Sep 18)11   MV
⋅appeared in the show "Knowing Bros"(Sep 23) and "한끼줍쇼"(Sep 27, Jungkook and Jin only).
⋅performed "DNA" at the 2017 American Music Awards. (Nov 19)   Behind
⋅In Japan, released single "MIC Drop/DNA/Crystal Snow". (Dec 6)

⋅In Japan, released full album "FACE YOURSELF". (Apr 4)
⋅held live tour "Love Yourself". (Aug 25, 2018 ~ Apr 7, 2019)12   Clip
⋅released 3rd full album "Love Yourself: Tear" including title song "Fake Love". (May 18)13   MV
⋅won Top Social Artist Award at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards. (May 20)   Behind
⋅released repackage of full album "Love Yourself: Answer" including title song "IDOL", and the album was certified gold by the RIAA. (Aug 24)14   MV
⋅In Japan, released single "FAKE LOVE/Airplane pt.2". (Nov 7)   MV

⋅attended the Grammy Awards 2019 as the first K-pop group to present at the event. (Feb 10)   Clip
⋅released 6th mini album "MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA" including title song "Boy with luv". (Apr 12)15   MV
⋅won Top Duo/Group and Top Social Artist Award at the 2019 Billboard Music Awards. (May 1)   Clip
⋅held live tour "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself". (May 4 ~ Jul 14)16   Clip

2. Clips

Fake Love : from 3rd full album "Love Yourself: Tear"
IDOL : from repackaged album "Love Yourself: Answer"

Boy With Luv : from mini album "MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA"

3. Trivia

⋅BTS released first single on Jun 12, 2013. However, debut date is accounted officially Jun 13, the first day performed on the TV show.

4. Discography



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