From 4th mini album "Flourishing" (2019)
Stage Name 청하Chungha
Birth Name 김찬미Kim, ChanMi
Birth Feb 9, 1996 at Seoul, South Korea
Body Features Height: 160cm;  Foot size: 230mm;  Blood type: B
Family Parents, Younger brother, Pet dog "Bambi"
Debut Jun 7, 2017 (as solo artist)
May 4, 2016 (as a member of I.O.I)
Representative Songs "Roller Coaster"  "Gotta Go"  "Love U"
Label MNH Entertainment
Official Channel Instagram  YouTube

"Roller Coaster" (2018)

Chungha is female solo artist debuted in 2017. Before that, she was a member of I.O.I formed through the 2016 reality show "Produce 101".

1. History

⋅entered JYP entertainment as a trainee in 2012. After resigned JYP, transfer to MNH Entertainment.
⋅participated the survival show "Produce 101" and had selected for a member of I.O.I as a main dancer, she succesfully finished promotion of I.O.I, after it disbandmented, she back to original agency and debuted as solo artist.

⋅had selected for a member of I.O.I on the final episode of "Produce 101". (Apr 2)1
⋅I.O.I released debut mini albume "chrysalis" with title song "Dream Girls". (May 4)2   MV
⋅I.O.I released sigle "Whatta Man (Good man)". (Aug 9)3   MV
⋅I.O.I released mini album "miss me?" with title song "Very Very Very". (Oct 17)4   MV

⋅I.O.I released last single "Downpour". (Jan 18)
⋅I.O.I disbanded. (Jan 31)
⋅Chungha released pre-debut digtal single "Week". (Apr 21)   MV
⋅released debut mini album "Hands on Me" including title song "Why don't you know". (Jun 7)5   MV
⋅appeared on the show "불후의 명곡Immortal songs"(Aug 26) and "복면가왕King of Mask Singer"(Sep 3).

⋅released 2nd mini album "Offset" including title song "Roller Coaster". With the success of this song, she became the most notable solo artist. (Jan 17)6   MV
⋅released 3rd mini album "Blooming Blue" including title song "Love U". (Jul 18)7   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly Idol". (Jul 18)
⋅original reality show "Chungha's Free Month" has aired. (Nov)   Ep1   Ep10

⋅released single "Gotta Go". (Jan 2)8   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Running Man"(Jan 13) and "Happy Together"(Jan 29).
⋅appeared on the show "전지적 참견 시점" with her manager. (Jun 8)   Clip
⋅released 4th mini album "Flourishing" including title song "Snapping". (Jun 24)9   MV

2. Clips

Roller Coaster : Title song from mini album "Offset"
Love U : Title song from mini album "Blooming Blue"

Gotta Go

3. Trivia

⋅She lived in Dallas, Texas for eight years. As a result, She is able to speak both English and Korean. She used the name "Annie Kim" when she lived in the USA.
⋅She is famous for dancing. When she was a trainee, she used to stand on a stage as a backup dancer.
⋅Jihyo of TWICE said she supported Chungha from "Produce 101" because they were trained together at JYP entertainment.
⋅She had a main dancer position of I.O.I. When the single "Whatta Man" had dropped by I.O.I's unit group of 7 members, she was both main dancer and main vocal.
⋅She said, after resigned JYP entertainment, she thought to give up the dream to be a singer. The president of current agency persuaded and introduced her to the producer of "Produce 101".
⋅She is friend of Haeyoon of Cherry Bullet. They met using the same practice room when they were trainee.

4. Discography

* t/ = title song

Week Hands on Me Offset
WeekHands on MeOffset
Apr 21, 2017Jun 7, 2017Jan 17, 2018
Digital SingleMini albumMini album
t/Why don't
you know
t/Roller Coaster
Blooming Blue Gotta Go Flourishing
Blooming BlueGotta GoFlourishing
Jul 17, 2018Jan 2, 2019Jun 24, 2019
Mini albumSingleMini album
t/Love Ut/Snapping


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