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Jokbal (braised pork feet)


Jokbal is pig's feet boiled with soy sauce and spices. Soy sauce is most common and there is a variation of spicy or garlic seasoning. It is widely favored for Koreans. There are many restaurants selling Jokbal everywhere in South Korea.
It originated from stewed pork feet in Hwanghae-do (currently North Korean territory). Jokbal started to be sold in Jangchung-dong, Seoul in the 1960s. It is said that women from Hwanghae-do started selling for a living. There are still "Jokbal geori(alleys)" in Jangchung-dong.
Momo, a Japanese member of TWICE said, "I thought it looks strange at first sight, but I fell in love with it in one bite." All of TWICE's members love it, so they even gave Jokbal for lunch box to fans.


TWICE's Jokbal lunch box in 2016

Tteok-bokki (stir-fried rice cakes)


It is seasoned Tteok(usually translated in "rice cake") made with flour or rice powder with spicy seasoning. Most made with fish cakes(Eomuk). There are many variations including soy sauce, curry, cream sauce, etc.
Although it is low in nutritional value, it was widely distributed in the 1970s as a cheap snack to satisfy hunger. It is still a representative Korean snack even though South Korea has achieved economical development. It is soul food for Korean teenagers, especially for girls.

GFRIEND having Tteok-bokki

SinB and Eunha(GFRIEND) having Tteok-bokki



It is a Korean-style Chinese dish that flour noodle topped with a thick stir-fried sauce made of chopped vegetables, pork meat and chunjang. Noodle and sauce are mixed together just before eating.
In 1883, Chinese people who came to Korea through Incheon Port started to make their native food. The origin of the dish is China, but the present Jajangmyeon has completely localized and is different from Chinese taste. It developed and became the present taste.
It is a most popular delivery food in South Korea. The origin is unknown, there is custom of eating Jajangmyeon on graduation day.

IZONE having Jajangmyeon

IZ*ONE having Jajangmyeon

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