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General Info : K-POP vocabulary

*This is a page to introduce K-POP slang used by native Koreans.

외토벤 Öthoven

외(外, means outer/except) + Beethoven. It means a foreign(non-Korean) composer. It is easily regarded to a word which only refer to famous composers because it is originated from Beethoven, the great musician, but it is used to refer to every foreign composers whether they have hit songs or not.

EX)레드벨벳의 빨간맛은 외토벤 곡이다.Red Velvet's "Red Flavor" is Öthoven's song(=composed by non-Korean composers).

노잼 Nojam,  유잼 Yujam

잼(Jam) is reduced piece of 재미(fun). So 노잼(No+jam) means "not funny".
유잼(Yujam) is opposite of it - (be)funny. 유(Yu) is a prefix which means be/have/exist.

Both have emphatic form 개노잼 and 대유잼. 개 of 개노잼 and 대 of 대유잼 are prefix.
・개노잼(Gae-nojam) : 개(Gae) is also a prefix. It means "poor-quality"(and as an independent word, it means "dog"). So, it is composed of 개(prefix)+노("no", used as prefix)+잼(reduced piece of 재미(fun)) = very not funny.
・대유잼(Dae-yujam) : 대(Dae) is also a prefix. It means "big, very, many, much". It is composed of 대(prefix)+유(prefix)+잼(reduced piece of 재미(fun)) = funny so much.

EX)이번 런닝맨 노잼이다.Latest "Running Men" episode was nojam(=not funny).
EX)어제 한 V live 대유잼이었다.V live yesterday was daeyujam(=very funny).

초동 Chodong

It means "first move" literally. In reality, it refers to the sales volume on first week from release of physical album or single.
There is no conception of Chodong in Korea before just few years ago.
Actually, chodong is widely used in Japan because Oricon chart publishes weekly single/album chart. It is spreaded to Korea around 2016~2017. It is now a indicator to show how many loyal fans the idol has.
Because there is no weekly chart in Korea, fans add up daily sales(from Hanteo chart) to calculate chodong.

EX)몬스타엑스 "Follow - Find You" 앨범의 초동은 12만장이다.MONSTA X's "Follow - Find You" album chodong(sales on 1st week) is 120 thousand.

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