Dreamcatcher From the mini album "The End of Nightmare" (2019)
Name Dreamcatcher
Debut Jan 13, 2017
Representative Songs "GOOD NIGHT"  "YOU AND I"  "PIRI"
Label Dreamcatcher Company  
(former Happyface Entertainment)
Fan Club InSomnia
Official Channel Twitter  Instagram   YouTube  V live
JI-U SU-A Siyeon
LeaderMain DancerMain Vocal
Handong Yoohyeon Dami
Main Rapper


Dreamcatcher is 7-member female group. Five of them had debuted as group "MINX" in 2014, all of them re-debuted as Dreamcatcher with additional two members in 2017. The group is a representative example of that fandom overseas is bigger than Korean.

1. History

⋅In 2014, JI-U, SU-A, Siyeon, Yoohyeon and Dami had debuted as a group named "MINX".1   MV of debut single
⋅MINX released mini album "Love Shake" on July 2015. This became the last one.2   MV   Live
⋅with Handong and Gahyeon, 7-member group "Dreamcatcher" was revealed on November 30, 2016.3

⋅debuted with single "Chase Me". (Jan 13)4   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Music Video Bank - Stardust". (Jan 18)   Clip
⋅appeared on the radio show "Hot Beat"(Jan 28), "Kiss The Radio"(Feb 12) and "Young Street"(Feb 13).
⋅appeared on the show "Fact iN Star". (Feb 17)   Clip
⋅released single "Fall asleep in the mirror" including title song "GOOD NIGHT". (Apr 5)5   MV
⋅appeared on the show "K-Poppin'"(Apr 10), "After School Club"(Apr 18), "Dreaming Radio"(Apr 19), "Young Street"(May 4) and "DingDong live"(Jun 22).
⋅released mini album "Prequel" including title song "Fly High". (Jul 27)6   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Pops in Seoul"(Aug 9), "Dreaming Radio"(Aug 16), "The Tiny Showcase"(Aug 29) and "Fact iN Star"(Sep 8).
⋅appeared on the show "MIX NINE". (Oct)   Clip

⋅released digital single "Full Moon". (Jan 12)   Promotion Video
⋅held live tour "Fly High" in Europe. (Feb 14~25)7
⋅participated in "2018 New Year's Idol Star Athletics Championship". (Feb 16)   Clip
⋅held first concert "Welcome to the Dream World" in Seoul. (Mar 10)8
⋅released mini album "Escape the ERA" including title song "YOU AND I". (May 10)9   MV
⋅appeared on the radio show "Young Street" with (G)I-DLE. (May 21)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "Fact iN Star". (Jun 1)   Clip
⋅held live tour "Welcome to the Dream World" in Latin America. (Jul 22 ~ Aug 5)10
⋅released mini album "Alone In The City" including title song "What". (Sep 20)11   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Idol Radio"(Oct 18) and "Immortal Songs 2"(Nov 3).
⋅in Japan, released single "What (Japanese Ver.)". (Nov 21)12   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Game-dol-lympic". (Dec 22)   Clip

⋅released mini album "The End of Nightmare" including title song "PIRI". (Feb 13)13   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Idol Radio"(Feb 13) and "Fact iN Star"(Mar 8)
⋅in Japan, released single "PIRI -Japanese ver.-". (Mar 13)14   MV
⋅held live tour "Invitation From Nightmare City". (Mar 20 ~ Nov 3)15
⋅appeared on the show "Immortal Songs 2". (Apr 6)   Clip
⋅in Japan, full album "The Beginning Of The End". (Sep 11)16   "Breaking Out" MV
⋅released mini album "Raid of Dream". (Sep 18)

2. Clips

What : from mini album "Alone In The City"

PIRI : from mini album "The End of Nightmare"

3. Trivia

⋅The team has 1 foreigner, Handong(Chinese).
⋅Owner of agency said "I thought the reason why MINX failed is the team tried to follow trends. We decided to rebuild the team to do music which the others don't try".
⋅The agency changed the name from "Happyface Entertainment" to "Dreamcatcher Company" on February 2019. They explained the reason "to support Dreamcatcher for all our worth".
⋅The team named after Native American craft item.   Wikipedia

4. Discography

* t/ = title song

惡夢(The Nightmare) Fall asleep in the mirror Prequel
惡夢(The Nightmare)Fall asleep
in the mirror
Jan 13, 2017Apr 5, 2017Jul 27, 2017
SingleSingleMini album
t/Chase Met/GOOD NIGHTt/Fly high
Full Moon Escape the ERA WHAT
Full MoonEscape the ERAAlone In The City
Jan 12, 2018May 10, 2018Sep 20, 2018
Digital singleMini albumMini album
Over The Sky The End of Nightmare TBD
Over The SkyThe End of NightmareRaid of Dream
Jan 16, 2019Feb 13, 2019Sep 18, 2019
Digital singleMini album
(In Japan)
What (Japanese ver.) PIRI -Japanese ver.- The Beginning Of The End
What (Japanese ver.)PIRI -Japanese ver.-The Beginning
Of The End
Nov 21, 2018Mar 13, 2019Sep 11, 2019
SingleSingleFull album


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  1. held in the UK, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal and France

  2. held first concert in South Korea 'after' Europe tour

  3. held in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Panama

  4. held in Korea(2 shows), Indonesia, the Philippines, Japan(2 shows) and Singapore (Mar 20 ~ May 4)
    + Europe tour in the UK, Italy, Germany, Poland and France (Oct 24 ~ Nov 3)