GFRIEND From 7th mini album "Fever Season" (2019)
Name 여자친구Yeoja Chingu; GFRIEND
Debut Jan 16, 2015
Representative Songs "Rough"  "Me gustas tu"  "Time for the moon night"
Label Source Music
Fan Club BUDDY
Official Channel Twitter  YouTube
Sowon Yerin Eunha
Yuju SinB Umji
Main VocalMain Dancer

"Time for the moon night"(2018)

GFRIEND is 6-member female group. They are best practice in which idol from a small agency succeeded. Their songs are characterized by the little use of English in the lyrics.

1. History

⋅Eunha worked as a child actor for a while from 11 years old.

⋅released 1st mini album "Season of Glass" including title song "Glass Bead". (Jan 15)1   MV
⋅appeared on the show "야만TV"(Feb 16) and "강아지를 부탁해"(Apr ~ Jun).
⋅released 2nd mini album "Flower Bud" including title song "Me gustas tu". (Jul 23)2   MV
⋅appeared on the show "오늘하룸Today's room"(Aug 5), "2015 Thanksgiving Day Idol Star Athletics Championships"(Sep 28), "Weekly idol"(Oct 21) and "3대천왕"(Dec 25).

⋅released 3rd mini album "SNOWFLAKE" including title song "Rough". (Jan 25)3   MV
⋅appeared on the show "진짜 사나이Real man 300"(Jan 31), "Weekly idol"(Feb 3), "사장님이 보고있다"(Feb 6) and "2016 New Year's Day Idol Star Athletics Championships"(Feb 9).
⋅The team's original reality show "SHOWTIME Mamamoo x GFRIEND" has aired. (Jul ~ Aug)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅released 1st full album "LOL" including title song "NAVILLERA". (Jul 11)4   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly idol"(Jul 27), "무한도전Infinite Challenge"(Aug 13), "아는 형님"(Aug 20) and "Hello Friends"(Sep 18).
⋅The team's travel show "여자친구가 사랑한 유럽Europe, that GFRIEND Loves" has aired. (Nov 5 ~ Dec 24)   Clip

⋅appeared on the show "가문의 영광"(Jan 27) and "2017 New Year's Day Idol Star Athletics Championships"(Jan 30).
⋅released 4th mini album "THE AWAKENING" including title song "FINGERTIP". (Mar 6)5   MV
⋅appeared on the show "신양남자쇼"(Mar 9), "Singderella"(Mar 10), "아이돌잔치"(Mar 14), "Pops in Seoul"(Mar 20), "After School Club"(Mar 27), "Immortal Songs 2"(Apr 1), "Meet&Greet"(Apr 12), "김수용의 구경"(Apr 16) and "발칙한 동거 - 빈방있음"(Jun 9~30).
⋅released 5th mini album "PARALLEL" including title song "Love Whisper". (Aug 1)6   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Meet&Greet"(Aug 22), "Immortal Songs 2"(Sep 9) and "SNL Korea Season 9"(Sep 9).
⋅released repackage of mini album "RAINBOW" including title song "Summer Rain". (Sep 13)7   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Pops in Seoul"(Sep 17), "Idol School"(Sep 15), "Weekly idol"(Sep 27), "Celuv.TV"(Oct 26), "슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다"(Nov 5) and "맛있는 녀석들Tasty Guys"(Dec 15).
⋅The team's travel show "The Friends in the Adriatic Sea" has aired. (Dec 2017 ~ Jan 2018)   Clip1   Clip2   Clip3

⋅released 6th mini album "Time for the moon night". (Apr 30)8   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly Idol"(May 2), "속보이는 TV inside"(May 3), "Comedy Big League"(May 6), "Gag Concert"(May 13), "Meet&Greet"(May 15), "Heyo TV"(May 17) and "K-RUSH Season3"(May 25).
⋅In Japan, released compilation album "Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa ~GFRIEND 1st Best~". The album includes 6 songs in both Korean and Japanese lyrics. (May 23)9
⋅released summer song with same name as the album name "Sunny Summer". (Jul 19)10   MV
⋅appeared on the show "하와유.MOV"(Jul 23), "Idol Room"(Jul 31), "한뼘TV 방판소년단"(Aug 13), "Quiz on Korea"(Sep 24) and "2018 Thanksgiving Day Idol Star Athletics Championships"(Sep 26).
⋅In Japan, released single "Memoria/Time for the moon night". "Memoria" is the first Japanese original song. (Oct 10)11   MV
⋅Yuju was absent from the schedule for three weeks without any explanation. Because of this, a rumor circulated that she leaves the team, but she returned in early December. (Nov 7)

⋅released 2nd full album "Time for us" including title song "Sunrise". (Jan 14)12   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Idol Room"(Jan 15) and "After School Club"(Jan 29).
⋅In Japan, released single "SUNRISE". (Feb 13)13   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Meet&Greet"(Feb 22) and "The Hit"(Mar 1).
⋅In Japan, released Japanese original single "FLOWER". (Mar 13)14   MV
⋅released 7th mini album "Fever Season" with title song "FEVER". (Jul 1)15   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly idol". (Jul 3)   Clip

2. Clips

Time for the moon night : from 6th mini album
Sunny Summer

Sunrise : from 2nd full album "Time for us"

3. Trivia

⋅Because they became famous for student concept songs, people don't know GFRIEND's all members are tall. The average height of them is 168cm, well above the Korean 20's female average of 160~162cm.
⋅All members are maknae in their family. Sowon and Yuju have an older sister, Yerin and SinB have an older brother, Eunha and Umji have older sister and brother.

4. Discography

* t/ = title song

Season of Glass Flower Bud SNOWFLAKE
Season of GlassFlower BudSNOWFLAKE
Jan 15, 2015Jul 23, 2015Jan 25, 2016
Mini albumMini albumMini album
t/Glass Beadt/Me gustas tut/Rough
Jul 11, 2016Mar 06, 2017Aug 01, 2017
Full albumMini albumMini album
RAINBOW Time for the moon night Sunny Summer
the moon night
Sunny Summer
Sep 13, 2017Apr 30, 2018Jul 19, 2018
RepackagedMini albumMini album
t/Summer Raint/Time for
the moon night
t/Sunny Summer
Time for us Fever Season
Time for usFever Season
Jan 14, 2019Jul 01, 2019
Full albumMini album
(In Japan)
Kyou Kara Watashitachi wa ~GFRIEND 1st Best~ Memoria/Time for the moon night SUNRISE
Kyou Kara Watashitachi
wa ~GFRIEND 1st Best~
Memoria/Time for
the moon night
May 23, 2018Oct 10, 2018Jan 31, 2019
Mar 13, 2019


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