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From 7th mini album "FEVER SEASON" (2019)
Stage Name Sowon
Birth Name 김소정Kim, Sojung
Birth Dec 7, 1995 in South Korea
(Jingwan-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul)
Body Features Height: 173cm;  Foot size: 250mm;  Blood type: A
Family Mother, Older sister, Pet dog "먼지Meonji"
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Jan 16, 2015 as a member of GFRIEND
Label Source Music


Sowon is a leader of GFRIEND.

1. History

⋅had trained in DSP media from 2009 for 3 and half years.
⋅in 2011, appeared on Rainbow's "To Me" music video.  Sowon is the guy's new girlfriend
⋅in 2012, appeared on the show "A-JAX's Making The Star".
⋅in 2013, appeared on Rainbow's "Tell me Tell me" music video.1 ⋅transferred to Source Music, supposed to be in 2014. and trained for one and half years.

⋅debuted as a member of GFRIEND. (Jan 16)2
⋅threw the first ball in the basketball game. (Feb 18)3
⋅participated in 2015 Seoul Fashion Week with SinB.4

⋅appeared on the show "My Little Television" with Yerin. (Feb 20/27)   Clip

⋅released personal V live clips to get a driver's license. (Apr ~ May)   Clip

⋅appeared on the show "1 vs 100" with Eunha. (Aug 7, Sep 18)
⋅appeared on the show "Look at me". (Sep 26 ~ Oct 31)   Clip
⋅walked runway 2019 Hera SS Fashion Week. (Oct 19)5   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "할 말 있어 오늘". (Dec 1, 8)   Clip

⋅appeared on the show "Trend with me". (Jan 22 ~ )   Clip

2. Trivia

⋅Her stage name Sowon named by former Source Music director. It means "wish" in Korean.6
⋅She is the tallest member in the team.
⋅She likes pizza and Jajangmyeon.
⋅Her father passed away in 2018.
⋅The name of her pet dog 먼지Meonji means dust.
⋅She is a fan of Heo, Youngsaeng of SS501. It is said she cried a lot when she heard Heo got laryngitis surgery.
⋅She had been trained with J.Seph and BM of KARD in DSP media.
⋅She is a friend of Chungha, Nicole of KARA and Hyuk of VIXX.
⋅For genetic reason, she got lens dislocation three times in her life - when she was six, high school student, just after the team released debut song "Glass bead".

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  1. the back side only. Sowon is leftmost girl.

  2. Sowon with Meonji