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Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna (ITZY)
From mini album "IT'z ICY" (2019)
Stage Name Yuna
Birth Name 신유나Shin, Yuna
Birth Dec 9, 2003 in South Korea
(Paldal-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do)
Body Features Height: 169cm;  Blood type: A
Family Parents, Older sister
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Feb 12, 2019 as a member of ITZY
Label JYP Entertainment

Yuna (ITZY)

Yuna is the youngest member of ITZY.

1. History

⋅got cast when her older sister took her to the music show.
⋅appeared on BTS's "LOVE YOURSELF" highlight reel clip in 2017.   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "Stray Kids"(Oct 2017).

⋅debuted as a member of ITZY. (Feb 12)1

2. Trivia

⋅She is the youngest and tallest member in ITZY.
⋅She sang Ailee's song and Korean national anthem on entrance test.
⋅She likes pizza.
⋅She was a floorball player in school until before debut.2
Lia said she usually talks in her sleep.
⋅She plays the recorder well.   Clip

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