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Kim, Chaewon (IZ*ONE)

Kim, Chaewon (IZ*ONE)
From Japanese 2nd single "Buenos Aires" (2019)
Stage Name Kim, Chaewon
Birth Name 김채원Kim, Chae-won
Birth Aug 1, 2000 in South Korea
(Gaepo-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
Body Features Height: 164cm;  Blood type: B
Family Parents, Older Sister
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Oct 29, 2018 as a member of IZ*ONE
Label Woolim Entertainment (as an individual)
Off The Record (as IZ*ONE)

Chaewon (IZ*ONE)

Kim, Chaewon is a member of IZ*ONE.

1. History

⋅participated in 2012 KBS Creative Children's Song Festival as elementary school choir.1
⋅In 2017, begin to be trained in Woolim Ent.
⋅In 2018, appeared in a music video of Golden Child's "LET ME". (Jul 4)
⋅In 2018, She participated the survival show "Produce 48".2

⋅finished "Produce 48" tenth and was selected as a member of IZ*ONE. (Aug 31)3
⋅debuted as IZ*ONE. (Oct 29)4
⋅featured in Moonbyul(MAMAMOO)'s "SELFISH" stage on 2018 MAMA in Japan. (Dec 12)5   Clip

2. Trivia

⋅She likes mint chocolate flavor with WonYoung and Nako.6
⋅She doesn't like coffee.
⋅She does like spicy foods. She said eating spicy foods is her specialty.
⋅She likes eel sushi.
⋅She is not good at cooking.7
⋅She said it was impressive to watch the film "La La Land" from the story achieving one's dream.
⋅She likes to watch horror films.
⋅She sings IU's songs at karaoke.
⋅She said that if she hadn't been an idol, she'd be a cabin attendant.
⋅She likened herself to turtle, because it is always easygoing.
⋅She said Taeyeon of Girls' Generation is her role model.

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