IZ*ONE From 2nd mini album "HEART*IZ" (2019)
Debut Oct 29, 2018
Representative Songs "La Vie en Rose"  "Violeta"  "Suki to Iwasetai"
Label Off The Record
Fan Club WIZ*ONE
Official Channel Website(KR)
Kwon, Eunbi Sakura Miyawaki Kang, Hyewon
Kwon, EunbiSakura MiyawakiKang, Hyewon
Leader, Main Dancer
Choi, Yena Lee, Chaeyeon Kim, Chaewon
Choi, YenaLee, ChaeyeonKim, Chaewon
Main RapperMain Dancer
Kim, Minju Nako Yabuki Hitomi Honda
Kim, MinjuNako YabukiHitomi Honda
Jo, Yuri Ahn, Yujin Jang, Wonyoung
Jo, YuriAhn, YujinJang, Wonyoung
Main Vocal

"La Vie en Rose"(2018)

IZ*ONE(/ˈaɪz wʌn/) is Korean-Japanese 12-member female group. The group formed through survival show "Produce 48", the 3rd season of Produce 101 franchise.
On August 2018, at the final episode 12 winners was selected by voting and on October and they debuted with 1st mini album "COLOR*IZ". They would promote as IZ*ONE for two and a half years by initial contract.

1. History

⋅Sakura Miyawaki, Nako Yabuki and Hitomi Honda have been member of Japanese female idol group HKT48(Miyawaki/Yabuki) and AKB48(Honda). Especially Miyawaki was elected as No.3 in 2018 in the general election of AKB48 group and had been treated as the group's future star, her joining to Produce 48 surprised fans. They currently suspend activity as AKB/HKT48 until IZ*ONE's disbandment.
⋅Kwon, Eunbi was a member of female idol group Ye-A in 2014.
⋅Lee, Chaeyeon participated in survival show "SIXTEEN" which produced TWICE and failed to win.
⋅In 2018, "Produce 48" premiered on June 15 with 96 contestants. On August 31, the name of the team IZ*ONE was pronounced and 12 members was selected in final episode.1   Clip

⋅debuted / released 1st mini album "COLOR*IZ" including title song "La Vie en Rose". (Oct 29)2   MV
⋅The team's original reality show "IZ*ONE CHU" has aired. (Oct 24 ~ Nov 15)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅appeared in the show "Idol room". (Oct 30)3
⋅appeared in the show "Weekly idol". (Oct 31)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "NYLON". (Dec)4

⋅appeared in the show "Idol Star Athletics Championships 2019". (Feb 5~6)   Clip
⋅In Japan, released 1st single "Suki to Iwasetai". (Feb 6)5   MV
⋅The team's original reality show "IZ*ONE CHU - Secret Friend" has aired. (Mar 21 ~ Apr 11)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅released 2nd mini album "HEART*IZ" including title song "Violeta". (Apr 1)6   MV
⋅appeared in the show "Idol room". (Apr 2)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅appeared in the entertainment news show "본격연예 한밤(Hanbam)". (Apr 9)   Clip1
⋅appeared in the show "Weekly idol". (Apr 10)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅In Japan, released 2nd single "Buenos Aires". (Jun 26)8   MV

2. Clips

La Vie en Rose : Title song from "COLOR*IZ"

Suki to Iwasetai : 1st single in Japan
Violeta : Title song from "HEART*IZ"

3. Trivia

⋅The team has 9 Koreans and 3 Japaneses.
⋅All members use full name even including last name, because it was the rule of Produce 48 to indicate full name.
⋅The team stays in two houses. (Wonyoung, Sakura, Chaeyeon, Yuti, Nako, Hitomi / Yena, Yujin, Eunbi, Hyewon, Chaewon, Minju)7

4. Discography

* t/ = title song

Oct 29, 2018Apr 1, 2019
Mini albumMini album
t/La Vie en Roset/Violeta
(In Japan)
Suki to Iwasetai Buenos Aires
Suki to IwasetaiBuenos Aires
Feb 6, 2019Jun 26, 2019


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  1. The first picture of IZ*ONE.

  2. From IZ*ONE Chu