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Nako Yabuki (IZ*ONE)

Nako Yabuki (IZ*ONE)
From Japanese 2nd single "Buenos Aires" (2019)
Stage Name Nako Yabuki
Birth Name 矢吹 奈子(やぶき なこ)Yabuki, Nako
Birth Jun 18, 2001 in Tokyo, Japan
Body Features Height: 150cm
Family Parents, Older sister, Younger sister
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor
Debut Dec 7, 2013 as HKT48 (in Japan)
Oct 29, 2018 as IZ*ONE (in Korea)
Label AKS (as HKT48)
Off The Record (as IZ*ONE)
Official Channer Twitter  Instagram  Website(as HKT48)

nako (IZ*ONE)

Nako Yabuki is Japanese member of IZ*ONE. Before being IZ*ONE, she has been a idol in Japanese female group "HKT48".

1. History

⋅had been a child actor since she was a baby. In 2005, she appeared as young Minami Asakura in the film "Touch" which is a live-action movie of the same title manga of Mitsuru Adachi.1

⋅won at the audition to select third generation of HKT48. (Aug)2
⋅made theater debut. (Dec 7)3
⋅named on the center position for AKB48 34th single's B-side song "ウインクは3回Wink wa Sankai". (Dec 11)4   MV

⋅named as a regular member of HKB48 Team H. (Feb 24)
⋅was selected to participate in HKT48's 3rd single "桜、みんなで食べたSakura, Minna de Tabeta"(Mar 12) and 4th single "控えめI love you!Hikaeme I love you!"(Sep 24).

⋅named as a member of the unit "でんでんむChu!Denden Muchu!". (Mar 25)5
⋅as solo, sang B-side song "いじわるチューIjiwaru Chu" in HKT48's 4th single.(Nov 25)   MV

⋅was ranked at the 28th position in an AKB48 general election with 28,706 votes. (Jun 18)6
⋅became a regular model for teen fashion magazine "LOVE berry". (Aug)7

⋅was ranked at the 37th position in an AKB48 general election with 25,364 votes. (Jun 17)8

⋅named on the center position with Miku Tanaka for HKT48's 11th single "早送りカレンダーHayaokuri Calendar". (Mar)9   MV
⋅participated "Produce 48", the survival show to form female idol group in Korea. (Apr)10
⋅was ranked at the 9th position in an AKB48 general election with 51,620 votes. (Jun 16)11
⋅finished "Produce 48" sixth and was selected as a member of IZ*ONE. (Aug 31)12
⋅pronounced to suspend activity as HKT48 during contracted period of IZ*ONE. (Sep 25)
⋅debuted as IZ*ONE. (Oct 29)13

2. Trivia

⋅She learned ballet for 9 years when she was child. She said it helped to develop the skill to memorize choreography.
⋅She is a fan of Sejeong of gugudan and TWICE.14
⋅She said Jihyo of TWICE is her role model.
⋅She doesn't like wasabi, soy milk nor coffee.
⋅She does like ice cream. She said she has ate 100 ice cream within 6 monthes.
⋅She likes mint chocolate flavor with ChaeWon and WonYoung.15
⋅Braiding is her specialty.16
⋅She has a habit of turning round and round when she feels happy or amazed.17
⋅She seems to like having a complex at a small height. She is 150cm tall.
⋅She doesn't know her blood type.

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  1. shed tears at the unexpected high rankings.

  2. this time she shed tears at the fell rankings.

  3. Nako(left) and Miku Tanaka(right)

  4. met Sejeong(above)
    has TWICE's album(below)