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Sakura Miyawaki (IZ*ONE)

Sakura Miyawaki (IZ*ONE)
From Japanese 2nd single "Buenos Aires" (2019)
Stage Name Sakura Miyawaki
Birth Name 宮脇 咲良(みやわき さくら)Miyawaki, Sakura
Birth Mar 19, 1998 in Japan
(Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima Prefecture)
Body Features Height: 163cm;  Blood type: A
Family Parents, Younger Brother, Pet cat "まるちゃんMaru-chan"
Occupation(s) Singer, Actor
Debut Oct 23, 2011 as HKT48 (in Japan)
Oct 29, 2018 as IZ*ONE (in Korea)
Label AKS (as HKT48)
Off The Record (as IZ*ONE)
Official Channer Twitter  Instagram  YouTube   Website(as HKT48)

Sakura Miyawaki (IZ*ONE)

Sakura Miyawaki is Japanese member of IZ*ONE. Before being IZ*ONE, she has been a popular idol star in Japanese female group "HKT48".

1. History

⋅started going to musical school when she was 9 year old. She played a minor role as a kid actor on "Lion King" performed in Japan.
⋅In 2010, participated in "The Broadway Experience" program at New York to learn about musical.

⋅won at the audition to select first generation of HKT48. (Jul 10)1
⋅made first official appearance at a "Flying Get" national handshake event. (Oct 23)
⋅made theater debut. (Nov 26)

⋅named as a regular memeber when HKT48 Team H was formed. (Mar 4)
⋅with 6,635 votes, she was ranked at the 47th position in an AKB48 general election. (Jun 6)2

⋅was ranked at the 26th position in an AKB48 general election with 25,760 votes. (Jun 8)3

⋅was ranked at the 11th position in an AKB48 general election with 45,538 votes. She began to be treated as star of tomorrow. (Jun 7)4
⋅named on the center position with one of the most popular member Mayu Watanabe for AKB48's 38th single, "Kiboteki Refrain". (Nov)5

⋅was given a lead role in AKB48's drama "Majisuka Gakuen" 4th season(Jan~Mar) and 5th season(Aug~Oct).6
⋅was ranked at the 7th position in an AKB48 general election with 81,422 votes. (Jun 6)7
⋅released her first photobook, titled "Sakura". it reached No.1 on the weekly photobook chart and No.3 on the general book chart on Oricon. (Jul 8)8

⋅was ranked at the 6th position in an AKB48 general election with 78,279 votes. (Jun 18)9
⋅was given a lead role in AKB48's drama "CROW'S BLOOD". (Jul ~ Aug)10
⋅started Twitter and Instagram. (Sep 1)
⋅was given a lead role in AKB48's drama "Kyabasuka Gakuen", the sequel to Majisuka Gakuen 5. (Oct 2016 ~ Jan 2017)11

⋅became a commercial model of cosmetic brand "KATE". (Jan)12   CM
⋅as DJ, begin a radio program "今夜、咲良の木の下でTonight, under the cherry tree" at BayFM. (Apr 6)   Website
⋅was ranked at the 4th position in an AKB48 general election with 82,803 votes. (Jun 17)13

⋅begin YouTube game channel. (Mar 16)
⋅participated "Produce 48", the survival show to form female idol group in Korea. (Apr)14
⋅was ranked at the 3th position in an AKB48 general election with 141,106 votes. (Jun 16)15
⋅finished "Produce 48" second and was selected as a member of IZ*ONE. (Aug 31)16
⋅pronounced to suspend activity as HKT48 during contracted period of IZ*ONE. (Sep 25)
⋅debuted as IZ*ONE. (Oct 29)17

⋅appeared on the show "모두의 주방Everyone's kitchen".(Feb 24 ~ Apr 28)18   Clip

2. Trivia

⋅She became a good friend of ChaeYeon through "Produce48".19
⋅She is a fan of Red Velvet, especially of Irene.20
⋅She said she think her most attractive feature is ears.
⋅She is game geek. She has PS4, Nintendo Switch and gaming desktop.
⋅She is good at cooking.21
⋅She is really poor at exercise.22

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  1. Mayu Watanabe(left) and Sakura(right)

  2. press conference(above) and book cover(below)

  3. Mayu Watanabe(left) and Sakura(right)

  4. After Sakura confirmed her debut, she said: "Thank you, ChaeYeon, for always being with me, I want to debut with you." and ChaeYeon was named the last member at No.12.

  5. look Irene and feel shy (2018 Idol Star Athletics Championships)

  6. appeared many programs on cooking.