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An, Yujin (IZ*ONE)

An, Yujin (IZ*ONE)
From Japanese 2nd single "Buenos Aires" (2019)
Stage Name An, Yujin
Birth Name 안유진An, Yujin
Birth Sep 1, 2003 in South Korea
(Cheongju-si, North Chungcheong-do)
Body Features Height: 169cm;  Foot size: 250mm;  Blood type: A
Family Parents, Older sister
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Oct 29, 2018 as a member of IZ*ONE
Label Starship Entertainment (as an individual)
Off The Record (as IZ*ONE)

Yujin (IZ*ONE)

An, Yujin is a member of IZ*ONE.

1. History

⋅passed the audition and be trained in Starship ent. for 1 year and 4 monthes.
⋅appeared in several music videos.
  SoYou X BaekHyun's "RAIN"(Feb 2017)
  Yu, Seungwoo X Sandeul's "OPPA"(Jul 2017)
  Jeong Sewoon's "JUST U"(Aug 2017)
  Mad Clown X Ailee's "Thirst"(Apr 2018)
⋅In 2017, became a commercial model of Acuvue Korea.   CM
⋅In 2018, She participated in the survival show "Produce 48".1

⋅finished "Produce 48" fifth and was selected as a member of IZ*ONE. (Aug 31)2
⋅debuted as IZ*ONE. (Oct 29)3
⋅appeared on the show "복면가왕King of Mask Singer". (Dec 9)   The "icicle mask" is Yujin

⋅became a host the show MBC "My Little Television V2". (Mar 29)   clip1   clip2

2. Trivia

⋅She doesn't like to eat vegetables except tomato.
⋅She doesn't drink coffee.
⋅She loves tteok-bokki. She said she is second to none in the team in love for tteok-bokki.
⋅She is good to do jump rope and has confidence in her jump.4
⋅She is dreadfully near-sighted.5
⋅She and Yena had met before Produce 48. They had encountered at a convenience store and they think their counterpart is a idol trainee each other. When they met again for Produce 48, they talked about that time.
⋅Her mother consented readily to her daughter to be an idol because she had changed her future goal many times. However, she passed the audition on the first try.

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  1. wore her eyeglasses