MONSTA X From 2nd Full album "TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE" (2019)
Debut May 14, 2015
Representative Songs "Alligator"  "Shoot Out"  "Beautiful"
Label Starship
Official Channel Website(KR)
Shownu Wonho Minhyuk
Leader/Main Dancer
Kihyun Hyungwon Jooheon
Main VocalMain Rapper

"Alligator" (2019)

MONSTA X is 7-member male group launched from Starship Entertainment in 2015. The group formed with survivors from the survival show "NO.MERCY", debuted on May 14, 2015, with their first mini album(EP) titled "TRESPASS".

1. History

⋅On December 2014, the survival show "NO.MERCY" broadcasted to make Starship ent.'s new boy band.1

⋅released their debut mini album "TRESPASS". (May 14)2   MV
⋅appeared in the show "After School Club". (May 26)
⋅released 2nd mini album "RUSH". (Sep 7)3   MV
⋅appeared in the show "After School Club"(Sep 15) and "Weekly idol"(Sep 16).

⋅The team's original reality show "MONSTA X'S RIGHT NOW" has aired. (Jan 5 ~ Feb 9)   Clip
⋅released 3rd mini album "THE CLAN pt.1 'LOST'" including title song "All in". (May 18)4   MV
⋅appeared in the show "After School Club". (May 24)
⋅held the first concert "X-CLAN ORIGINS" in Seoul, South Korea. (Jul 16~17)5
⋅participated in "2016 Idol Star Athletics Championships". (Sep 15)   Clip
⋅released 4th mini album "THE CLAN pt.2 'GUILTY'" including title song "Fighter". (Oct 6)6   MV
⋅appeared in the show "After School Club". (Oct 25)

⋅The team's original reality show "MONSTA X-RAY" has aired. (Jan 12 ~ Feb 16)
⋅released 1st full album "THE CLAN pt.2.5 'BEAUTIFUL'". (Mar 21)7   MV
⋅appeared in the show "신양남자쇼"(Mar 23), "Amigo TV"(Mar 27), "Weekly idol"(Apr 5) and "After School Club"(Apr 11).
⋅In Japan, released 1st single "HERO". (May 14)
⋅held world tour "Beautiful". (Jun 17 ~ Sep 17)8
⋅released repackage of 1st full album "SHINE FOREVER". (Jun 19)9   MV
⋅The team's original reality show "MONSTA X-RAY2" has aired. (Jul 13 ~ Aug 31)   Clip
⋅In Japan, released 2nd single "Beautiful". (Aug 23)
⋅released 5th mini album "THE CODE" including title song "DRAMARAMA". (Nov 7)10   MV
⋅appeared in the show "After School Club". (Nov 14)

⋅In Japan, released 3rd single "SPOTLIGHT". (Jan 31)   MV
⋅released 6th mini album "THE CONNECT : DEJAVU" including title song "Jealousy". (Mar 26)11   MV
⋅appeared in the show "Weekly idol". (Mar 28)
⋅In Japan, released 1st full album "PIECE". (Apr 25)
⋅held world tour "THE CONNECT". (May 26 ~ Aug 26)12
⋅The team's original reality show "MONSTA X-RAY3" has aired. (Jun 28 ~ Aug 16)   Clip
⋅appeared in the show "School Attack. (Jul 16/23)
⋅In Japan, released 4th single "LIVIN' IT UP". (Sep 12)   MV
⋅released 2nd full album* "TAKE.1 ARE YOU THERE?" including title song "Shoot Out". (Oct 22)13   MV
⋅appeared in the show "Weekly idol"(Nov 7) and "Amigo TV season 4"(Dec 3).

⋅participated in "2019 Idol Star Athletics Championships". (Feb 5)   Clip
⋅released 2nd full album* "TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE" including title song "Alligator". (Feb 18)14   MV
  * It said each albums are 'the half of' 2nd album ⋅appeared in the show "Weekly idol". (Feb 20)
⋅held world tour "WE ARE HERE". (Apr 13 ~ Aug 10)15

2. Clips

Jealousy : from the album "THE CONNECT : DEJAVU"
Shoot Out : from the album "TAKE.1 ARE YOU THERE?"

Alligator : from the album "TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE"

3. Discography



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  1. The first world tour was held in Korea(2 shows), the USA(6 shows), Hong Kong, Thailand, France, Germany, Russia, Mexico, Argentina, and Chile.

  2. held in Korea(2 + encore 2 shows), the USA(7 shows), Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, the UK, the Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

  3. held in Korea(2 shows), the USA(6 shows), Australia(2 shows), Malaysia, Spain, the Netherlands, France, the UK, Germany, Brazil and Mexico.