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Minhyuk (MONSTA X)

minhyuk (MONSTA X)
From 2nd album "TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE" (2019)
Stage Name Minhyuk
Birth Name 이민혁Lee, MinHyuk
Birth Nov 3, 1993 in South Korea
(Jongno-gu, Seoul)
Body Features Height: 180cm;  Blood type: A
Family Parents, Younger brother, Pet dog "Dambi"
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut May 14, 2015 as a member of MONSTA X
Label Starship Entertainment
Military Service expected to enlist in 2021

minhyuk (MONSTA X)

Minhyuk is a member of MONSTA X.

1. History

⋅wished to be a singer from when he was a high school student. He said Starship ent. is the third agency where he trained.

⋅debuted as a member of MONSTA X. (May 14)1

⋅appeared on the YouTube channel "MOMO X 존잘러". (Mar 21)   Clip

⋅appeared on the show "정글의 법칙". (Feb)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "나의 수학사춘기". (Jun 26 ~ Jul 17)   Clip
⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "Ceci" with Wonho. (Jul)2

2. Trivia

Hyungwon and him are friends from they were 19 years old. They had went into training together for a long time.
⋅He is good at drawing and calligraphy.3
⋅He has bad eyesight.
⋅He likes to play computer games. He played Overwatch and Battlegrounds.
⋅He loves bowling.
⋅He takes much care of his skin. He uses the at-home LED masks.
⋅He loves pizza especially with sweet potato topping.
⋅He hates cucumber.4
⋅His family have pet dog "Dambi". It is said his father named her after his favorite singer Son, DamBi.5

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  1. A fan made and presented the phone case with the letter "Cucumber No No" to him.