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Shownu (MONSTA X)

Shownu (MONSTA X)
From 2nd album "TAKE.2 WE ARE HERE" (2019)
Stage Name Shownu
Birth Name 손현우Shon, HyunWoo
Birth Jun 18, 1992 in South Korea
(Uijeongbu-si, Gyeonggi-do)
Body Features Height: 181cm;  Blood type: O
Family Parents (only child)
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut May 14, 2015 as a member of MONSTA X
Label Starship Entertainment
Military Service expected to enlist in 2020

shownu (MONSTA X)

Shownu is the leader and the main dancer of MONSTA X.

1. History

⋅was a swimmer in elementary school.1
⋅entered JYP entertainment when 17 years old by winning its audition. It is not known when he left the agency.
⋅In 2011, released a song "이제야 알겠어Now I know" for OST of the drama "보스를 지켜라Protect the Boss". (Aug 24)
⋅In 2013, worked as a back dancer for Lee, Hyori.2
⋅In 2014, used to performed as the four-member team "NUBOYZ" with WonHo, JooHeon and the rapper #Gun.3

⋅debuted as a member of MONSTA X. (May 14)4

⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "Instyle". (Jul)5
⋅appeared on the show "Running man" with SISTAR. (Jul 10)   Clip

⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "NYLON" with WonHo. (Jan)6
⋅appeared on the show "복면가왕King of Mask Singer". (Jan 21)   Clip
⋅did a photoshoot for the Taiwanese magazine "Bella". (Feb)7
⋅appeared on the show "아는 형님Knowing brother". (Jul 14)   Clip
⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "GQ Korea" with WonHo. (Aug)8
⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "DAZED Korea" with WonHo. (Oct)9

⋅appeared on the show "My Little Television V2". (Mar 29 ~ Apr 19)   Clip

2. Trivia

⋅Before debut as MONSTA X, de was known as a backup dancer who worked with the diva Lee, HyoRi. He said he has many good memories of those days. It is said Lee used to give pocket money and treat to the dancers at her own expense.10   Clip
⋅The other members says he don't tells a lie.
⋅He has a habit of pursing lips.11
⋅His role model is Chris Brown, Usher and Lyle Beniga.
⋅He is a gourmand. There's nothing he doesn't eat. He said he loves Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Chinese foods, snacks and alcohol, and there is so many episodes to prove that he is a big eater.
⋅He visited Osaka, Japan with his family when he was a middle school student.
⋅He can take a shower in 3 minutes.
⋅He went to kindergarten of Buddhist Foundation. He said he has learned about Prajñā-Paramitā.

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  1. swimmed at a show in 2015

  2. told about those time in one show