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Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi (Red Velvet)
From 6th Mini album "The ReVe Festival Day 1" (2019)
Stage Name Seulgi
Birth Name 강슬기Kang, Seulgi
Birth Feb 10, 1994 in South Korea
(Choji-dong, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do)
Body Features Height: 161cm;  Foot size: 230mm;  Blood type: A
Family Parents, Older Brother
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Aug 1, 2014 as a member of Red Velvet
Label SM Entertainment

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi is the main dancer of Red Velvet.

1. History

⋅She entered SM entertainment in 2007 by winning its audition, spend 7 years as a trainee.
⋅In 2012, she and Irene was on ABC news highlighted K-Pop training system.
⋅She was revealed through SM rookies, the pre-debut program, in late 2013.1
⋅Before debut, KyuHyun of Super Junior and members of f(x) mentioned her name in TV show "Radio Star" and she became a hot topic. It was even before she was revealed through SM rookies.2
⋅In July 2014, appeared in a music video of Henry's "Fantastic".

⋅debuted as a member of Red Velvet. (Aug 1)3

⋅play supporting role in the musical "School OZ". (Jan) 4
⋅appeared on the show "학교 다녀오겠습니다". (Apr 14 ~ May 5) 5
⋅appeared on the show "Radio Star". (Sep 30) 6

⋅did a photoshoot for the magazine "SURE". (Jan) 7
⋅performed as a member of project group "육하원칙Five Ws" on SBS Inkigayo. (Jul 10)   Performance   Practice
⋅appeared on the show "복면가왕King of Mask Singer". (Sep 30)   Seulgi is clapboard
⋅on the day off with Yeri, had a traffic accident and got a minor injury. (Oct 10)

⋅released song "Darling U" with Yesung of Super Junior. (Jan 22)
⋅released song "Our Story" with Hwang, Chiyeul. (Feb 21)
⋅performed as a member of project group "옆집소녀Girl Next Door" on the show "아이돌 드라마 공작단Idol Drama Operation Team". (Jul 1)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅featured song "Heart Stop" on Taemin's album "Move". (Oct 16)

⋅featured song "SELFISH" of Moonbyul of MAMAMOO. (May 23)   MV
⋅became a ambassador of Converse. (Aug)   Clip
⋅released song "Wow Thing" with SinB of GFRIEND, Chungha and Soyeon of (G)I-DLE. (Sep 28)   MV

⋅released song "Always" for OST of the drama "The Crowned Clown". (Feb 12)   MV

2. Trivia

⋅She is the only member who use the birth name on stage in Red Velvet.
⋅She likes taking pictures.
⋅She is a good painter.8
⋅She sweats a lot.
⋅She is a picky eater. She loves to eat meat.
⋅She loves Pringles.9Official twitter of Pringles celebrated her birthday.
⋅She gets her tongue out when she is nervous.10
⋅She is a big fan of Beyonce.
⋅Her father, who has had the dream of being a singer, applied to audition for her.
⋅She has a unique gait. She almost doesn't move the upper body while walking.11
⋅(rumor) Her father works for Seoul Metro, her mother is an insurance planner of Samsung Life Insurance.

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  1. Kyuhyun(Super Junior), Sully and Krystal(f(x)) mentioned Seulgi.
    from "Radio Star" Aug 21, 2013

  2. A drawing of Seulgi

  3. Little Seulgi with Pringles