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Dahyun (TWICE)

dahyun (TWICE)
From 7th mini album "FANCY YOU" (2019)
Stage Name Dahyun
Birth Name 김다현Kim, Dahyun
Birth May 28, 1998 in South Korea
(Eunhaeng-dong, Joongwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do)
Body Features Height: 158.6cm;  Foot size: 240mm;  Blood type: O
Family Parents, Older brother, Pet dog "아리Ari"
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Oct 20, 2015 as a member of TWICE
Label JYP Entertainment

dahyun (TWICE)

Dahyun is a member of of TWICE.

1. History

⋅got casted at dance competition when she was a middle school student.
⋅appeared on the music video of GOT7's "Stop stop it" in 2014.
⋅On May 2015, participated in the survival show "SIXTEEN" to make JYP ent's new female group.1

⋅debuted as a member of TWICE. (Oct 20)2
⋅appeared on the show "능력자들". (Dec 25)   Clip

⋅appeared on the show "백종원의 3대천왕" with Tzuyu. (Jan 22)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "진짜 사나이Real Men 300". (Feb 21)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "동상이몽, 괜찮아 괜찮아". (May 2)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "잘먹는 소녀들" with Tzuyu. (Jun 15)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "꽃놀이패" with Nayeon. (Jul 16)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "우설리". (Sep 15)   Clip

⋅not participated in some schedules due to ankle injury. (Aug)
⋅wrote the lyrics of rap part for the song "MISSING U" in full album "twicetagram" with Chaeyoung. (Oct 30)   Listen ⋅appeared on the show "한끼줍쇼" with Jeongyeon. (Nov 8)   Clip

⋅did V live personally. (Mar 10)   Clip1   Clip2
⋅appeared on the show "Happy Together" with Nayeon and Jihyo. (May 3)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "폼나게 먹자" with Jeongyeon. (Oct 19)   Clip
⋅hosted 2018 KBS Music Festival. (Dec 28)   Clip

⋅graduated from high school. (Feb 10)3
⋅appeared on the show "Super Intern" with Chaeyoung. (Mar 7)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "Battle Trip" with Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. (May 11)   Clip
⋅did V live personally on her birthday. (May 28)   Clip

2. Trivia

⋅She has very pale skin.
⋅She uses aloe cosmetics for skin care.
⋅She has flatfoot.
⋅She is a poorest drinker in TWICE.
⋅She doesn't like coffee. She prefer green tea, hot chocolate instead.
⋅She doesn't watch horror movie.
⋅She is afraid of dogs. She said she had bitten by a dog in her childhood.
⋅She plays piano.
⋅She is very clever at finding cameras.4

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  1. the upper gif is famous for "4 camera swapping, 4 eye contacts"