From the mini album "FANCY YOU" (2019)
Debut Oct 20, 2015
Representative Songs "TT"  "LIKEY"  "CHEER UP"
Label JYP Entertainment
Fan Club ONCE
Official Channel Website(KR)
Nayeon Jeongyeon Momo
Main Dancer
Sana Jihyo Mina
Leader/Main Vocal
Dahyun Chaeyoung Tzuyu
Main Rapper

"TT" (2016)

TWICE is 9-member female group launched from JYP Entertainment in 2015. The group formed with survivors from the survival show "SIXTEEN", debuted on October 20, 2015, with their first mini album(EP) titled "THE STORY BEGINS".

1. History

⋅Nayeon, Jeongyeon and Jihyo was expected to debut as group named "SIXMIX" in 2014, but the plan fell apart.
⋅On May 2015, the survival show "SIXTEEN" broadcasted to make JYP Entertainment's new girls' group.1

⋅released their debut mini album "THE STORY BEGINS" including title song "Like OOH-AHH". (Oct 20)2   MV
⋅Foreign members appeared on the show "My Little Television". (Nov 28)   Clip
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly Idol". (Dec 9)   Clip
⋅filmed commercials for ELSWORD(game), SkoolLooks(school uniform) and LG U+(mobile carrier).

⋅appeared on the show "사장님이 보고있다". (Feb 6)   Clip
⋅The team's original reality show "TWICE Private Life" has aired. (Mar ~ Apr)   Clip
⋅released 2nd mini album "PAGE TWO" including title song "CHEER UP". (Apr 25)3   MV
⋅appeared on the show "아는 형님"(Jun 4) and "Running man"(Jun 5).
⋅released 3rd mini album "TWICEcoaster : LANE 1" including title song "TT". "TT pose" became viral meme in both Korea and Japan. (Oct 24)4   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly Idol"(Oct 26), "양남자쇼"(Nov 24) and "Running man"(Dec 4).
⋅filmed commercials for InnisfreeTOMARUNature collection(cosmetic), NBA(w/GOT7)SPRISARENASkoolLooks(apparel),  Lotte duty freeKB bankGOLFZON(screen golf club),  Legion of Heroes(game),  Gamaro Gangjeong(chicken) and Redcettu(bag).

⋅appeared on the show "슈퍼맨이 돌아왔다". (Jan 15)   Clip
⋅released repackage of 3rd mini album "TWICEcoaster : LANE 2" including title song "KNOCK KNOCK". (Feb 20)5   MV
⋅In Japan, released digital single "WHAT'S TWICE?" for pre-debut promotion. (Feb 24)
⋅released 4th mini album "SIGNAL". (May 15)6   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly idol"(May 17), "3대천왕"(May 19) and "아는 형님"(May 20).
⋅In Japan, released album "#TWICE". It is compilation album including 5 past title songs in both Korean and Japanese lyrics, and the album was certified platinum. (Jun 28)
⋅appeared on the show "냄비받침". (Jun ~ Sep)   Clip1   Clip2   Clip3
⋅In Japan, released single "One More Time". (Oct 18)7   MV
⋅released 1st full album "twicetagram" including title song "LIKEY". (Oct 30)8   MV
⋅appeared on the show "뭉쳐야 뜬다"(Oct 17) and "Weekly Idol"(Nov 1).
⋅released repackage of 1st full album "Merry & Happy" including title song "Heart Shaker". (Dec 11)9   MV
⋅In Japan, participated NHK Kōhaku Uta Gassen. It was the first time in six years for Korean singer from Korea-Japan relations got worse in early 2010s. (Dec 31)
⋅appeared on the show "Lost Time". (Dec)   Ep1
⋅filmed commercials for SPRISSkoolLooksMLB(apparel),  Lost TaleSudden Attack(game),  Pocari SweatLG V30(smartphone) and 11st(shopping mall).

⋅In Japan, released single "Candy Pop". (Feb 7)10   MV
⋅released 5th mini album "What is Love?". (Apr 9)11   MV
⋅appeared on the show "K-RUSH3"(Apr 27) and "Running man"(Apr 29).
⋅In Japan, released single "Wake Me Up". (May 16)12   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Weekly Idol". (Jun 25)   Clip
⋅released repackage of 5th mini album "Summer Nights" including title song "Dance The Night Away". (Jul 9)13   MV
⋅In Japan, released full album "BDZ". (Sep 12)14   MV
⋅appeared on the show "아는 형님". (Nov 3)   Clip
⋅released 6th mini album "YES or YES". (Nov 5)15   MV
⋅released repackage of 6th mini album "The year of "YES"" including title song "The best thing I ever did". The song wasn't promoted on music show. (Dec 12)16   MV
⋅In Japan, released repackage of full album "BDZ -Repackage-". (Dec 26)
⋅filmed commercials for MLBBeanpole sports(apparel),  1-Day ACUVUE DefinePocari SweatLotte duty freeKBcardSudden Attack(game) and Softbank Y!mobile(in Japan).

⋅In Japan, released compilation album "#TWICE2". (Mar 6)
⋅released mini album "FANCY YOU" with title song "FANCY". (Apr 22)17   MV
⋅appeared on the show "Stage K"(Apr 28) and "300 X2"(May 3).
⋅The agency has announced that Mina will not participated in the group's schedule for a while including world tour "TWICELIGHTS" due to 'extreme anxiety'. (Jul 11)
⋅filmed commercials for Pocari SweatEsteeLauder and Qoo(in Japan).

2. Clips

What is Love? : from 5th mini album
Dance The Night Away : from mini album "Summer Nights"
YES or YES : from 6th mini album

FANCY : from the mini album "FANCY YOU"

3. Discography



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