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Mina (TWICE)

Mina (TWICE)
From 7th mini album "FANCY YOU" (2019)
Stage Name Mina
Birth Name 名井 南(みょうい みな)Myōi Mina
Birth May 24, 1997 in San Antonio, Texas, the USA
Body Features Height: 163cm;  Foot size: 250mm;  Blood type: A
Family Parents, Older brother, Pet dog "Ray"
Occupation(s) Singer
Debut Oct 20, 2015 as a member of TWICE
Label JYP Entertainment

Mina (TWICE)

Mina is a Japanese member of TWICE.

1. History

⋅got cast when she did shopping with mother.
⋅entered JYP ent. as trainee in January 2014.
⋅appeared on miss A's "Only You" music video in 2015.
⋅On May 2015, participated in the survival show "SIXTEEN" to make JYP ent's new female group.1

⋅debuted as a member of TWICE. (Oct 20)2
⋅appeared on the show "My Little Television" with other foreign members(Momo, Sana, Tzuyu). (Nov 28)   Clip

⋅did V live personally in Jan 8, Feb 17 , and May 3.
⋅performed as a member of project group "육하원칙Five Ws" on SBS Inkigayo. (Jul 10)   Performance   Practice
⋅appeared on the show "Hit the stage" with Momo. (Aug 17)   Clip
⋅tossed the first ball of the game Nexen vs LG. (Oct 16)   Clip

⋅play Rhythmic Gymnastics ball in 2017 New year day Idol Star Athletics Championships. (Jan 16)   Clip

⋅appeared on the show "복면가왕" with Momo and Chaeyoung. (Apr 15)   Clip
⋅wrote the lyrics of the song "Shot thru the heart" in mini album "Summer Nights" with Momo and Sana. (Jul 9)   Listen
⋅appeared on the show "안녕하세요" with Jihyo. (Nov 19)   Clip

⋅The agency has announced that she will not participated in the group's schedule for a while including world tour "TWICELIGHTS" due to 'extreme anxiety'. (Jul 11)

2. Trivia

⋅She was born in in San Antonio, Texas, the USA. She had double citizenship of the USA and Japan in early days of debut. She is estimated to have Japanese citizenship only at present.
⋅Her english name is "Mina Sharon Myoi".
⋅Her first name '南' is usually read as 'Minami', but her name is 'Mina'. (It is a possible way to read, but is not used frequently.)
⋅learned ballet for 11 years.   performed in 2016
⋅She has very good eyesight.
⋅Nayeon said she sleeps gracefully like a princess.
⋅She does like tomato ketchup. Curiously she said she doesn't like tomato.3
⋅She likes yukhoe(Korean beef tartar).
⋅She has been a fan of K-POP even before got cast.
⋅Her father is a professor in orthopedics at Osaka University Medical Center.
⋅She signed up as organ donors in Korea and Japan both.4
⋅Jihyo said she had watched "Fast and the Furious" series all day long.
⋅She had nosebleeds from both nostrils on the way to pick a pet dog. At that time, she was an elementary school student and had have pestered her mother for a long time to raise a dog.
⋅That pet dog is "Ray". Ray is 13 years old in 2019.5

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  1. a fan presented ketchup stuffed toy at autograph events(above)

  2. with doner card of Korea(left) and of Japan(right)